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What we do

Smarty Pixels does online marketing and builds high performance computing software. We find the right combination of affordability and functionality that will give you – our client – your best return on investment. We use the same care, practices, and technologies to build our products that we will use to build your results. Our proven products and services are never outsourced outside the USA and Canada.

Our products

Our proven marketing products and services enable your online marketing to be found by the people that matter to you most, your customers. We do offer our services à la carte.

Graphic design.

Graphic Design

Consumers place visual effects and color above all other factors. Engage your viewers with graphics that inspire action.

Custom website design.

Custom Web Design

A custom website design is more than a pretty website. It distinguishes your business from your competition.

Social media marketing.

Social Media

Social media marketing enables you to market your brands where your customers spend the most time on the internet.

Custom website development.

Website Development

A website design does not need to be static. Our web developer takes your selected design and places all the bells and whistles into it — technology that makes your website engaging.

Web analytics and SEO.

Web Analytics and SEO

Empower your business with the tools to research its website analytics and enable your business to correctly respond to your users behavior. Explore ways to maximize your business objectives.

Content writing.

Content Writing

Align your content with your customer's interests to naturally attract inbound traffic.

Our customers request all our online marketing services as a package called complete online presence management.

Custom website development.

Complete Online Presence Management

Complete online presence management integrates every appropriate inbound marketing method to communicate your message and draw positive attention to your business in innovative, organic, and ethical ways. The right marketing choices creates synergy, with each choice supporting and improving the effectiveness of the whole marketing system.

Relationship building is today's marketing strategy. By aligning the content you publish with your customer's interests, you naturally attract inbound traffic that you can then convert, close, and delight over time.

Custom website development.

High Performance Numerics

Smarty Pixels creates state-of-the-art high performance computing software. High performance computing is high performance numerics. High performance numerics software is used to build the future.


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