Custom Website Design


A custom website design is way more than pretty artwork! A good web design integrates find-ability with user experience and graphic design. These facets draw viewers to your website and encourage your viewers to involve themselves with your business.

Smarty Pixels builds mobile design into every new custom website design project. Data shows that your customers want to visit your website from a mobile device. Your website will look good no matter what screen size your viewers choose when viewing your website. Mobile or responsive websites save development costs and decrease maintenance costs.

You've read this far and you're interested but you're on a budget. You need to know how much website design and template re-design costs. Prices for website design services depend upon the project and designer. Please consider the pricing set on this page as a rough guide. Your project may not fit into a service we have listed. Let's talk. We'll do what is right for you, within a realistic budget.

Graphic design.

Web design services

  • Re-design an existing desktop website prices start at $800.00.

  • Design a small business website prices start at $800.00.

  • Design an eCommerce website prices start at $1200.00.

  • Design a band, blog, or wedding website prices start at $800.00.

  • Tailor a wordpress template for mobile devices prices start at $500.00.

  • Design an administrative dashboard prices start at $300.00.

The fee schedule will help to get you started estimating the cost of your project. Please Contact us to quote your project.