Custom Website Development


Smarty Pixels website development services make your website design a reality. We produce a functional website and administrative dashboard from your design. Our products and services are never outsourced.

Individuals, established businesses, and start-up businesses find our website development services provide access to a professional developer dedicated to the success of their business without having to establish and manage a web development team in house. For example, clothiers struggling under rental increases and a transient customer base can retain their loyal customers online well beyond the brick and mortar walls 24/7/365 without having to become experts in the ever changing and often confusing marketing practices of the internet. Whether your business is serving downloadable products or posting an online catalogue, the techniques are similar. We have invested considerable time and effort to understand all the techniques required to build your online presence and we want to share our hard earned expertise with you – our client – so that you can focus on your business.

Custom website development.

Web development services

  • Implement any custom website design.

  • Alter WordPress templates.

  • Implement your mobile design.

  • Build your administrative dashboard.

  • Build your content management system in the Ruby on Rails framework.

  • Implement business logic in the Ruby on Rails framework.

A mobile design means your website will look good no matter what screen size or device your viewers choose when viewing your website.

You've read this far and you're interested but you're on a budget. We understand your need to define the cost to complete your project and will be happy to do so, but we really need to understand your projects current state to quote a price. Let's talk. We'll do what is right for you, within a realistic budget.

Features included in every website we launch

  • We only develop well-tested, clean code that performs with minimal server load and minimal load time.

  • Your custom website design or chosen WordPress template will always be structured with meta descriptions, titles, links, image alt tags, and heading tags that you can easily update and give your online marketing platform a superior structural performance in search engines. Our web development practices always comply with best search engine optimization practices for every website application we launch.

  • We will create an XML sitemap for your convenience ready to submit to Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  • We thoroughly test your website in the latest version of FireFox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Optional features

  • We build custom content management systems that are easy to understand, navigate, and that our customers appreciate.

  • We can build custom functionality into your web application and it is our pleasure to do so.

  • We thoroughly test your website for backward compatibility in older versions of FireFox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer — as far back as you need to go.